The Third royal Factory (Tao Ngoi)

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Located in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon

Established in 1982, at the period where His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej went to Phu Phan Ratchaniwet Palace, Sakon Nakhon Province. King Bhumibol Adulyadej visited Na Ngoi Pon Pla Loh village in Tao Ngoi district on 9 November, 1980 and saw the impoverishment of citizens in that area. Therefore, King Bhumibol Adulyadej mandated H.R.H. Chakaphanpensiri Chakapan and Professor Amorn Bhumirat to operate the following:

  1. Improve living conditions
  2. Promote income
  3. Promote a sustainable living condition after the completion of the project

In the beginning, the living condition in that area was very poor, without food and water for consumption. Furthermore, the area was intruded by the Communist Party of Thailand at that time until the government marked it as a red zone. In addition, three nearby villages are observed to be under similar situation including, Huay Huad Village, Guan Bun Village and Kok Klang Village. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej then accepted these three villages under the project.

The Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngo, Sakon Nakhon was developed from the project in accordance with the concept of the first two Royal Factories.

The construction of the factory was completed in 1982 with concentrated tomato juice as the first product of the factory. This improve and support a sustainable income among Thai citizens in Northeastern area with tomato farming and processed tomato products along Kong River.

The Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon was the first processed tomato product factory in Thailand, resulting in widespread of tomato farming among private sectors in the area, creating “Tomato Belt.” Tomato Belt combines all tomato farming along Kong River constituting over 23,000 rai or 36,800,000 square meters. After the success of tomato farming, baby corn plantation was supported to be processed and sell both in Thailand and export.

To further develop the community, Children Nutrition Center was developed to alleviate malnutrition among children. Health center, corn bank, temple restoration, groundwater wells, rain water collection tank supplies were implemented to ensure a better living condition. Lastly, sanitation community was established to develop career and support tomato, baby corn, sweet bamboo and papaya farming. The Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon purchase products from farmers in the four villages and later expand purchase to Nakhon Panom Province, Mookdaharn Province, and Nongkai Province

In 2010, the main manufacturing machine in The Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon was dilapidated through time. The Crown Property Bureau as a major shareholder of Doi Kham was ordered by H.R.H Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to support the restoration of the Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon. The restoration includes improving the production process and increase production capacity of ready to eat food with new technologies and machineries according to international food factory standards. The production of the factory resumes in 2012.

The Third Royal Factory in Tao Ngoi, Sakon Nakhon is a major production of Doi Kham products with concentrated tomato juice, oven dried fruits, canned juice, and brown rice.

Agriculture for the Community, Products for the Thai People.